The Goodbye

December 2014.

I bought a canvas. It was the first time I painted on it. I used tempera colours.

I wanted to keep the way in which I made “Sleeping Juno”: same colours, same profile, restlessness. No eyes, because everything had to be EERIE.
A woman. She’s sitting on the train and she’s leaving. She’s holding a letter with her hands, but she won’t read it. She’s inflexible, rigid, cold. She does not care about that black mysterious figure, which is hoping that the woman come back to him. But she’s looking away, far away from that black figure that made her suffer. 


Sleeping Juno

It was July 2014.

I’ve always been in love of Art. Once, I saw a masterpiece on the web made by the great Tamara De Lempicka: “Girl With Gloves”. I fell in love with it. 

 I had a piece of paper. It was white and I needed to color it. I took the inspiration from that wonderful picture I saw, but also from the gorgeus and perfect greek profiles which everyone can admire in the ancient sculptures of the wonderful Greece; I started working on that white paper. 

I did not know how to color that curvy-woman that I created. I suddendly thought about the primary colors. And I choose them.

Red for the courtains and for the lips.

Yellow for the hair.

Blue for the dress, decorated with a light-blue bow.

White for the glove and the hat. 

Then I choose a skin-color and a grey for the columns I draw. 

Black for everything else.
I thought, once finished, that it was not beautiful.. But it was strange. I felt like if I was afraid of that sensation my work could cause: RESTLESSNESS. 

I decided to call her “Juno”, because of her voluminous body. But she was sleeping. So, I called my first strange work “Sleeping Juno”.