Sleeping Juno

It was July 2014.

I’ve always been in love of Art. Once, I saw a masterpiece on the web made by the great Tamara De Lempicka: “Girl With Gloves”. I fell in love with it. 

 I had a piece of paper. It was white and I needed to color it. I took the inspiration from that wonderful picture I saw, but also from the gorgeus and perfect greek profiles which everyone can admire in the ancient sculptures of the wonderful Greece; I started working on that white paper. 

I did not know how to color that curvy-woman that I created. I suddendly thought about the primary colors. And I choose them.

Red for the courtains and for the lips.

Yellow for the hair.

Blue for the dress, decorated with a light-blue bow.

White for the glove and the hat. 

Then I choose a skin-color and a grey for the columns I draw. 

Black for everything else.
I thought, once finished, that it was not beautiful.. But it was strange. I felt like if I was afraid of that sensation my work could cause: RESTLESSNESS. 

I decided to call her “Juno”, because of her voluminous body. But she was sleeping. So, I called my first strange work “Sleeping Juno”.


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